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Media Trends we have been a part of...

Video production is a huge topic, and we mean in the broadest possible way. Since 2007, Bruton-Cox Media has offered clients a wealth of video production options. We have seen the rise and fall of the CD-ROM era, been a fundamental part of watching companies grow with our corporate training media solutions and are here now to finesse your company through the growing trend of social media and everything in between. We are a multi-faceted video production company, located near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, that prides itself on being able to stay relevant, staying ahead of the game, while keeping your audience engaged.

So what exactly can we offer you? We have a history of creating a fully customized video of what you do and how you do it. Long answer: we work together with you to create videos that capture your message and personality. Conquering Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and alike with video. Whether you are a corporation focused on branding, a broadcast television show in need of post-production edits, or any other entity in need of video assistance. We are here to create and help.


Services that we deliver...

We work with the amazing folks at Robert Llewellyn’s Fully Charged Show, as well as helping with their filming we regularly edit for their highly successful channel. Here is a taster of a video we have edited.

Promotional & Social Video

We can offer the widest of options for you, whilst we are a full service production company, pulling in individuals in from different areas where they excel. We can offer you flexibility in crew size and in-turn, be cost effective. Bruton-Cox Media is at it's core a husband and wife team, Ben is the filmmaker and producer and Molly organises Ben and liaises with the clients to get the best out of the project. We are very cost effective and want to be a true aid to your vision.


Mobile Green Screen

As a full-service company, Bruton-Cox Media offers a wide range of specialist video production services. We have been filming green screen regularly (on a monthly) basis for over 3 years and we know how to use our assets in order to get the best possible look wherever we are. We have a full autocue system that, with the aid of an iPad, can make your video look completely polished without looking to the side of the camera. 


Stunning 4k Aerial Photography & Videography

When you want to capture the scale of a venue, the size of a scaled area, it’s about seeing what a bird would see. Unfortunately, not everyone has a quadcopter and a state-of-the-art camera setup (which records stunning 4k video) with which they can elevate off into the sky. But do you know who does? (Clue: we do.) In partnership with Whirlybird Imaging we can offer beautiful 4k aerial videography and HDR photography.

Mobile Green Screen Studio

mobile Green screen.jpeg
green screen with autocue.JPG

Unique green screen filming

We specialise in bringing green screen to you to your offices

With our years of experience and technical efficiency, we are able to offer green screen filming to you. Complete with autocue, professional three or five point lighting, full autocue and professional wireless audio we offer the complete package for any company that wants to manipulate their visuals with other visuals after the fact. 

With your completed script we are able to create a full news style backdrop. But really anything is possible and we are more than happy to be brought in early in your pre-production to help out with your ideas.  

green screen video cheltenham.jpeg
cheltenham conference filming

Event & Conference Filming

We have been filming events for almost 10 years now, so we know how to get this right.

Using long form cameras, audio technicians and a lot of preparation, we have always delivered to our clients.

Whether you want a full conference edit, a highlights package, a promotional video or bitesize chunks of the speakers. We make sure that we cover all the angles with many cameras and using our experience and audio technicians we get the best possible audio too.

Cheltenham event filming
cheltenham conference filming

Founded by award-winning videographer Benjamin Bruton-Cox we believe in the combination of narrative experience, art and technology to bring out the best for you and your business.

Cheltenham video production.jpeg
cheltenham video production.jpeg

At Bruton-Cox Visuals we create custom-made, handcrafted promotional films tailor-made to each individual client needs and wants.

Our style is in the cinematic/creative approach, to produce your promotional film that is artistic and cinematic. We want to make your video unlike any other video you have ever seen.

We push ourselves as artists to deliver a product that is visually stunning, and many past clients have compared our promotional videos to silver screen films.

Our very unique equipment kit helps us achieve this cinematic look that is hard to find! State-of-the-art camera stabilizers for beautiful movement, stunning 4k aerial video, 4k cinema camera’s, sliders, professional audio, LED light panels for amazing visuals and the list goes on.


Here are a few examples of our diverse and most recent work

We were delighted to be filming for Robin Waite's Fearless Business Course. We were asked to film the sizzle video and to capture the event in full. A wonderful business coach with a clear message.

We made a series of videos for Stroud Court Community Trust. This one was their overview video for their website.

We were asked by Whole Foods UK to film the open day of their brand new Fulham Store in London. An amazing event which we revel in capturing.

We were asked by Gloucestershire Constabulary to make a video for a campaign they were running, called Great Expectations. The brief was to make sure the video looked like nothing else on their social platforms. This was prepared in three days and filmed in one evening.

We were asked to return to Inverness, Scotland by Eneco as they were getting ready to open their newest wind farm near Moy. This video was made with the local community in mind, to show the benefits that the discretely positioned wind farm will give to local villagers. This video is to be shown for the purpose of their open day

We were asked by Whole Foods UK to create a video which captured the process of being part of their 'Schools to Market' campaign. So what better than a 'childs' eye view' of the process.


So what is the cost for Video Production? We have been in business for a long time but we know what make a great video that sells you. So why not get in contact and let's talk about how we can work together.


We know that all companies have different requirements, so please email us at or call us on 01242 379101.


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