1. Podcast Creation and Setup

£350 + VAT

Perfect for people or companies who want the best start for a successful podcast.

Ideal for small or medium sized businesses. Great for companies that wants to do training in-house and be more sporadic in their publishing to their employees. Whether the podcasts are for external or internal use only, we setup your allocated work space, provide you with a thorough kit list, show you the ropes with editing and in general get the best we can from what you can offer at your workplace. This includes the following:

  • Up to 4 hour one-on-one with podcast creator

  • Best advice regarding hosting and distribution

  • Tips on best practice including recording and show hosting

  • Recommended kit and software support

2. Podcast Creation and Management

We do it all. We visit with all the kit you will ever need, we edit (either onsite or away), we host and publish all for a low monthly fee. All you have to do is know what your message is.  This includes the following:

  • Recording the podcast with host and a guest (if necessary)

  • Up to two recording sessions per month to create up to two podcasts per month

  • Creation of ident and introduction

  • Professional Photography during select podcasts

  • Custom hosting and distribution using our unique platform

  • Podcast Artwork

  • Show-note integration

  • On-going tips on best practice including recording and show hosting

Setup £250 + VAT

£250 per month once published.


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