Its always an honour to be asked to film a formal occasion, especially one for the Gloucestershire Constabulary.

Congratulations to all who graduated, it was a very emotional day for family, friends and colleague. We managed to interview a couple of the graduated and the Deputy Chief Constable. 


Here is the Main 1 minute edit feature for Instagram and Facebook

Technically we use the trusty Canon C100mkii with, primarily the 70-200mm f2.8 IS II lens to get those long shots. We used the best quality professional boom microphone on the camera itself with its wonderful XLR inputs so the audio is crisp at at every level. 

Interestingly as the new policemen and women is used the C100mkiii's wonderful autofocus abilities to capture the troops as they walked 200 meters or more and the lens and camera were in complete harmony with each other. Something only native cameras and lenses can do almost perfectly. Yes there are exceptions but this is my general rule of thumb.


Whole Foods Market asked us to return and film their latest School to Market campaign for 2017

We had a wonderful time as we were asked to film a number of school children running around as they gathered fruit and vegetables to create chutneys at the wonderful Crockbridge FarmAqua Carpatica have sponsored the campaign for three years, which is a phenomenal feat. They obviously believe in this campaign fully and we are delighted to be capturing the journey over this time.

Here is the Main 1 minute edit featuring Whole Foods Market and Aqua Carpatica designed for Instagram and Facebook

Because of the nature of this shoot, we went very 'run-and-gun', meaning a very light rig. So instead of using our Cinema line production cameras we used the Sony a7sii and Sony a6500 on a gimbal. We got a couple of interviews using our wireless Senheisser microphones and the quality is amazing. Sometime we have troubles with these microphones in more built up areas, but as the farm was in a rural spot (obviously) it was easy for us to get great quality audio with the interviews.

As for the running around shots we use the small but mighty Zhiyun Crane. A gyroscopic gimbal that is perfectly weighted with a coupe of lenses the Zeiss 35mm f2.8 and the Zeiss 55mm f1.8 lense. We love these lenses for the gimbal as the autofocus works really well and the results on the a6500 APS-C sensor are incredible. 


Here is Whole Foods Markets own 'sizzle' edit designed specifically for Facebook

As for the Sony a7sii, we used a Samyang 85mm T1.5 cinema lens (yes we almost always bring that lens with us) to get some of the more static shots and the interview. Why? For us, this is the perfect focal length for portrait images. Its a very fast lens too, so it allows lots of separation from the subject to the background. Plus its a cinema lens, which means its colours, sharpness and contrast are at the top of the spectrum.

Prue Leith and The Children's Food Trust

The campaign focuses around parents and children preparing and cooking food in order for them to learn the values of eating healthily. We performed two interviews with Prue and using the Canon C100mkii's and a Sony a7sii along with professional audio and lighting. It was our first outing for our newest lights, the Fotodiox Flapjax 700 series. These lights are dual colour, 3200k - 5600k. We always prefer the clean look at 5600k but its nice to have the flexibility of Tungsten (3200k) on a shoot every now and again.